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Choose MATC When:

You need customized training that increases engagement Your training needs modernization Your board and committee chairs require training You aren’t sure if you need in person trainers, eLearning, 
self-paced training, or blended learning
You want proven strategies that stretch your team’s capabilities 
to achieve even your highest goals
Your training programs must be engaging, effective, 
and efficient while staying on budget
You want to prove your training is working You want to demonstrate a proven ROI Your training needs to be easily applicable, 
not just steps to check off a list

Choose MATC When:

  • You need customized training that increases engagement
  • Your training needs modernization
  • Your board and committee chairs require training
  • You aren’t sure if you need in person trainers, eLearning, self-paced training, or blended learning
  • You want proven strategies that stretch your team’s capabilities to achieve even your highest goals
  • Your training programs must be engaging, effective, and efficient while staying on budget
  • You want to prove your training is working
  • You want to demonstrate a proven ROI
  • Your training needs to be easily applicable, not just steps to check off a list

The world’s most cutting-edge companies trust MATC Group to design, develop, and deliver adult learning programs that enable trainees to apply what they’ve learned to their job role.

Smart companies understand the value of training for all market conditions. During a recession, training makes existing staff smarter. In a growth season, it makes new staff more productive. MATC’s Learning and Development practice helps put effective, measurable training at your fingertips.

Instructor-led, online, blended, macro, or micro — whatever your training needs, our instructional designers can help. We can also prove your training is working and show an effective Return on Investment (ROI).

Training has changed! Let us help you develop 21st-century training systems that work best for your team and your goals.

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Employee development is one of the main reasons candidates take one role over another when everything else is equal. Make sure your company leads where others follow.

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Your project is your MATC team's primary focus. Our agile teams deliver published content faster than you can in-house.


We work on an agreed timeline for training materials and modules, ensuring you get what you need when you need it.


We use innovative techniques and tools for adult learning, and continuously adapt to new trends so your team has access to the best training available.


We can prove our content delivers a strong Return on Investment (ROI) — at approximately the same cost as in-house production.

Our instructional designers are employees, not contractors. We carefully match them to your project based on your needs and their experience with your industry and training technology.

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We get it. You know you must update your training materials to hire, retain, and advance first-rate employees, but there are so many choices you aren’t sure which is right for you. The last thing you want to do is waste your time or money.  

MATC is your solution. We add creativity to training materials and deliver them faster than any alternative routes. We are happy to work with your current technology but also offer state-of-the-art tools. Don’t forget – you own the training and all its resources.

Whatever your training goals, you can depend on MATC to guide you to the best solution and get the job done.

This may be a great option for you if your end goal is to deliver training with a high amount of personal interaction – client training, complex procedures requiring on-site practice, new hire training meant to build a team, etc. Learners not only absorb information but are required to perform tasks and interactions so that they can react more quickly and effectively in real-world situations.

An eLearning approach works well when learners are in different locations, or if they will need to frequently refer to the content. This on-demand training is available to anyone with internet access – via desktop, laptop, mobile phone or tablet. The interactive and engaging design of eLearning modules is as effective as classroom training. Using eLearning is also a great cost-saver: less need for in-house training support due to fewer support calls.

This training style is perfect for material that learners may need to reference often, especially for job-specific procedures. Individuals learn at their own pace through written or online content. At the end of each subsection and/or training module, learners take a quick quiz. Often, they must reach a minimum score to progress to the next stage, or they will need to relearn that section. These quizzes not only prove to you what they are learning, but also help them apply the concepts they’ve learned.

On-the-Job Training (OJT) achieves consistent results and well-trained employees. Structured OJT is especially effective when new team members need to quickly get up to speed and where there are strong trainers to teach them. OJT consists of training guides, job aids, assessments, and other materials, plus a trainer they can shadow. Learners observe the work done in real time, including problem-solving, which leads to a more well-rounded crew and fewer troubleshooting requests.

Do you lead recurring strategic meetings that are meant to engage staff and promote collaboration, but they don’t? Our Master Facilitators can help you clearly define what outcomes you want from meetings, prepare for potential roadblocks, and suggest tools and techniques you can use to add energy and interest to your meetings – plus help everyone work successfully toward your common goals.

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