We Get Results

  • We slashed new-hire onboarding time by 50% after we improved and streamlined a customer’s training after their rapid expansion.
  • Our team created shorter, more effective training modules that increased training completion by 35%.
  • MATC’s writers with mechanical engineering knowledge eliminated a backlog of hundreds of documents – in only 6 months.
  • Our consultants help reduce technology spend by reducing the number and types of licenses needed.
  • MATC created training courses that helped our customer decrease costs by 25%.
  • We chose a team of writers with financial backgrounds to help reduce a finance company’s writing costs by 35%.

Why is MATC different?

We hire eLearning designers, technical writers, and consultants as employees of MATC Group — no unknown contractors here! We know the knowledge and strengths of each team member. When we assign a team to you, we can assure you they know what they are doing.

MATC Process

Our proven process has been refined since 2009 and enables us to deliver on time and on budget. But it is flexible enough to meet the specific needs of your organization. Need to have a C-Level review of the final deliverable? No problem.

Kick Off

Formally starts the project and sets all expectations.


This may be an agreed plan or a storyboard. Whatever the outline is, it creates our shared vision.


This is the phase where deliverables are developed by our team.


Our QA process means all materials are customer-ready before you see it. Your job is to focus on the detail.


This cycle of review(s) ensures your content is perfect. Usually there are two review cycles but we’re flexible.


The final step is delivery. Remember, we hand over the entire project to you – including all materials we create.

The best time to engage MATC Group is when you: 

MATC knows if you want professional products, you hire professionals. 

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