About Us

Our Focus is

MATC’s team of designers, project managers, writers, and consultants work together toward one goal: delivering high-quality content that gets results, on time, and on budget.

We are professional and knowledgeable, yet agile and personable. Your success is important to us, and we constantly adapt to the industry’s new tools and best practices to deliver the most innovative results possible.

Since 2009

We founded MATC Group in 2009 with one vision: create high-quality content while developing long-term relationships with our customers. Our reasonable rates mean we usually cost less than in-house resources. We bring a broader perspective to our work because of our experience with multiple industries and projects.

MATC prides itself on a job well done. One major difference
is our team of full-time employees — not contractors. When we start a project we look at the skill set that best matches the project needs. MATC’s project managers ensure continuity through multiple projects so you don’t have to teach us twice.

Our Team is Different

Someone on the team has met a situation like yours before — we can add value quickly and efficiently.
That means a faster turnaround and less stress for you.
MATC focuses on quality, honing our skills, and creating high-quality deliverables. We have an incredible mix of skills that help us tackle any project.
We understand that YOU, the customer, ultimately determines what best fits your needs.

Our Mission

MATC’s number one goal is exceeding your expectations, in every way, every time.

That makes you, our customer, our main focus.

We are committed to delivering high-quality content in a culture of no surprises.

Join Our Team

MATC Group is always looking for great people to join our team. We have full-time opportunities throughout the United States.

Please Apply if You Are:

If you have any trouble applying to an opening, please contact us at careers@matcgroup.com.


We either bill on an hourly basis or by project. Customers often start with a project where we quote a fixed rate. We have incredibly flexible pricing models, and we strive to ensure customers never get a billing surprise.

In a word: flexibility. Today you might need a writer, and tomorrow someone to create an eLearn. Our full-time staff are available to react to your project needs, whatever they are.

First, when we deploy a team, we know they are competent and qualified for the job at hand. Second, they will bring a wealth of relevant experience to the project. Third, you have knowledgeable resources when you need them but not the expense of a hire when you don’t.

Pricing – our pricing is set at a level that creates a long-term relationship.  

Flexibility – why have one type of resource when you can have the exact resource you need?  

Knowledge – product, process or soft skills that a member of our team has experienced before.  

QA – our QA process ensures we deliver quality content every time, while you focus on what you do best. 

Project Management – we know how to deliver on time, on budget and we will roll with the realities of your working situation.  

By the time we have finished the paperwork we can be ready to go. It usually takes a week or so, but on occasion we have prepared for projects in only a few days!

Well, that should never happen because you will see the work as it happens. But if the worst happens, we would rather you were a happy customer, so we will fix it or work out a settlement.  

You do no ifs, ands or buts.

Chances are that your in-house staff is already inundated with daily work and has little time for those extra big projects that come along. Our team won’t be sidetracked by their daily work because your project IS their daily work. Hiring us often costs less than using your staff for these endeavors. Plus, our team has experience in a variety of fields and topics; they have probably already worked on a project similar to yours.

We don’t have a set price list, because no two projects are exactly the same. Instead, we meet with you (free of charge) to determine your needs and restrictions for an upcoming project. We then send you a price estimate. We don’t charge a monthly standard fee; you pay for the work done, nothing more. 

Click here to fill out a short form requesting an email or a phone call. We’ll contact you ASAP. 

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