Choose MATC When:

You're concerned there is old or outdated content 
"out there"
You aren't sure what tools you have or how to use them You want help communicating information to your audience 
but are not sure how
You spent thousands on knowledge management tools – yet you still have a content problem You think your documentation is incomplete, 
inconsistent, or inefficient
Your audience doesn't think your content has credibility

Choose MATC When:

  • You’re concerned there is old or outdated content “out there”
  • You aren’t sure what tools you have or how to use them
  • You want help communicating information to your audience but are not sure how
  • You spent thousands on knowledge management tools – yet you still have a content problem
  • You think your documentation is incomplete, inconsistent, or inefficient
  • Your audience doesn’t think your content has credibility

Content often appears organically: You need something, so someone creates it. This happens over and over, and before you know it you have loads of content that all looks different because you have no set standards. Assessing all this content is a mammoth task, and moving backward is hard.

MATC can help. We can structure your content, organize your processes, and ensure they fit with the technology you use. We are here to help, and will give you an actionable plan that will help you achieve your vision.

Stop saving multiple versions of documents across your organization. We'll help you create a knowledge management system that works for you and is easy to maintain.

Knowledge Management Advisory

Your content needs to work for you and your audience. We can make sure it does for today and tomorrow.

Preparation and Planning

First, we work with your team to identify the project scope. We then produce a shared plan with timelines and milestones. We investigate the project success factors you use: ROI, Customer Satisfaction Metrics, etc. Regardless, we identify how you will know when the project is working.

Information Gathering

This phase changes based on the project; it might include interviewing your people or customers, we may work with your technology, or something completely different. At the end of this phase, we will have the information and data to enable intelligent decision-making.

Key Deliverable Production

Here we develop the deliverables; specific steps, responsible parties, and timelines. This will include the inherent risks and dependencies. We are always available to help, but know that sometimes you may want to implement the changes in-house.

Back Up and Support

What happens next is up to you. Our consultants can help deliver the project, but maybe writing or training is needed. Regardless, MATC is always here to help.

Our team of consultants has broad product and situational knowledge. Chances are good that one of our team members has experience with your issue – perhaps even in your industry.

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