The One-Word Guide to Overcoming the Potential Challenges of Working Remotely with a Client

African-American woman with short curly hair wearing grey blazer and white shirt, is smiling and waving at her laptop screen. She is working at a light wood desk with windows behind her. There is a large house plant in the corner and a few small plants in the window.Is working remotely with a client challenging? The fact that you may never hear your manager’s voice or see their face, left only to rely on email and chat for communication, could make for unwanted issues. The ability to make connections and gain trust with the client team and manager may be difficult at first. For the reasons above and more, remote work with a client could be a challenge, but there is one word to describe why it won’t be a challenge for you: Communication.

As the old mantra states: Communication is key. I dislike cliché quotes as much as the next person, but unfortunately, this one is true! Excellent communication is critical to overcoming all the possible struggles that arise when working remotely with a client. Becoming integrated into the client’s company relies heavily on how well you keep in contact. If you have free time, contact the client immediately for a new project. If you have ample work, make sure to update the client throughout the process. Clients can be very busy due to multiple priorities and employees to oversee. Even a quick “Good Morning!” message to let them know you are still there and working hard will go a long way.

Remember that the client wants you to succeed and will do anything to help, so do not be afraid to ask questions. The faster you learn the processes of the client company, the quicker you complete the work. The better you understand the guidelines, the better the job you do. The client always wants to help you get to a place of understanding in their company; staying in consistent contact with the client is the fastest way for that understanding to grow.


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