On the Value of Nice

As shown in the above excerpt from the company web site, when MATC Group hires, we advertise for ‘people who are nice.’ And this is for a reason. Niceness might not be a quality you see listed in your usual job ad, but maybe it should be. As MATC employees, we work with many different personalities. Often when a client calls us for help, they are facing a tight deadline and stressed themselves. They need to be met with a calm and polite confidence.

What does it mean to be nice? More than just a smile or greeting, it means being considerate. The ability to understand and empathize with the needs of others. To comprehend what they want, even when they have difficulty communicating it. And to do it all with a smile.

Let’s break it down:

N     We notice what’s needed. Whether on a job site or working from home, we take time to notice every aspect of the job. We are detail oriented. A client may hire a writer to develop content, but that includes formatting, and developing the look and feel of the finished product. No errors can be overlooked.

I       We include all pertinent parties. This works both ways. When working remotely, it can be easy to forget the other people involved in a project. There may be a graphic or instructional designer either working simultaneously with the writer or picking up the project after the writing is finished. We are sure to consult with all in order to make everyone’s job easier. We check in frequently to ensure everyone’s on the same page. There’s a whole team of knowledge and experience at MATC; we encourage clients to reach out for help, as we reach out to them.

C     Communicate. Frequently. We never barge ahead if there’s something we don’t understand. We ask questions and take notes, and research for further knowledge and understanding. We send early drafts, we check in, and our clients always know where our deliverables stand.

E      Enthusiasm. We bring our excitement to a project. We love what we do, and let our clients know we’re excited to help and expect to do the best job possible. Our enthusiasm is contagious and we like to spread it around.

Of course, smiling and saying ‘good morning’ when onsite is a good idea, too. It’s nice to think clients are looking forward to seeing us. And we always remember, MATC is there to solve our clients’ problems.