Why Proficiency in Technical Writing Gives You an Advantage at Work

Technical writing is not just for English majors. Regardless of your academic or career background, developing technical writing skills is a worthwhile investment in your career. The following points highlight why good technical writing will give you an edge in the workforce.

Technical writing is the “universal language” of the business world

Writing in the workforce requires clear, precise language and proper grammar. Proficient technical writers excel at that – they can speak succinctly and properly about any topic that the client needs to write about. When your technical writing skills are strong, your co-workers know that they will have no problem understanding your documentation. This makes you a dependable and valuable member of the team.

Technical writing incorporates many of the skills sought by corporations

Technical writing requires you to contextualize information and think critically and logically. It also requires you to summarize, persuade, and put complex language and concepts into your own words. Indeed.com states in “20 Skills in Demand in Today’s Workforce” that companies seek those who have strong analytical skills. The process of “interpreting data” and “integrating new information” are essential parts of the research process for technical writers, who must constantly study new products and services and interpret the client’s needs.

Technical writing enables you to build marketing skills

Often in business, you are selling something to the client. It may be a product, service, or even the company’s public image. Marketing requires you to put yourself in the audience or client’s shoes. What will appeal to them? How can you solve their problem? What would turn them away? Technical writers also ask themselves these questions because their goal is to present the product or service in a way that makes the client understand its value and want to use it.

You become the bridge between different areas of expertise

The experts may have a clear idea in their minds, but they often struggle to put it in a way that others can understand. This is where technical writing skills come into play. It is up to technical writers to “translate” complex information into easily digestible written material. Therefore, they act as a bridge between the experts and the rest of the team.

Everyone in business values good technical writing. No matter what your role is at work, the ability to write clearly and tackle complex information will make you a great asset to your team. Becoming proficient at technical writing is a strategic way to invest in your career.

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