Do you need a content writer or a copywriter…or both?

“We need to hire someone to write all this stuff!” the boss exclaims as she reads about the importance of social media, educating customers, and catchy advertising and marketing. But do you need a copywriter, a content writer, or maybe someone who can do both? First, you need to understand the difference between these types of content creation.

Copywriting and content writing are often seen as interchangeable, but the writing involved is different and requires some different skills. One person can do both, but they need to be able to quickly change tactics to be successful.

Let’s break down the differences:

Content writers produce content that informs readers and encourages brand loyalty through educational and entertaining articles. A major goal is generating web traffic using search engine optimization (SEO). They often provide necessary information for readers to fully understand topics and provide credibility. Examples include:

  • Blogs
  • Online/print newsletters
  • eBooks
  • Magazine and newspaper features
  • Webpages

Copywriters also create content, but it is meant to persuade readers to buy a product or service. Copywriters are often in advertising or marketing, highlighting the best features of a product or service. Examples include:

  • Brochures
  • Billboards
  • Email campaigns/sales emails
  • Online/Print advertising
  • Radio/TV scripts

So, what are your biggest needs? Do you need help with marketing and advertising copy? Do you need someone to write informative and interesting blog posts to keep people coming back to your website? Maybe you have a small budget and need one writer who can do both.

Decide what your needs are, then hire, using the following as a guideline:

Content writers:

  • Experience in writing that explains a process or topic.
  • Research skills
  • Create eye-catching headlines
  • SEO knowledge


  • Experience writing for a variety of industries
  • Ability to use empathy to make audience feel good about what they are buying
  • Team player who can work closely with marketing/advertising teams


  • Time management – stick to deadlines while working on multiple projects
  • Creativity when generating original content that engages readers
  • Storytelling – tell a story that leaves readers with a memorable impression
  • Understanding their audiences – speak to the audience, meet the needs of the viewers

Before hiring just any writer, check with your leadership team for their needs. Understanding exactly what your team needs and expects from your new writer is crucial to hiring the right person for the job and will help you build your business or organization.