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A woman wearing black pants, grey sweater and light tan headscarf is sitting at a white table typing on a laptop.

Why Outsource Instructional Design?

Learn why outsourcing training design to professional third-party instructional designers helps you save time and money while developing effective and engaging eLearns and other trainings.

hand turning page of cookbook, with white pages and black text and drawings, sitting on brown wooden table. Recipes are organized vertically, with lists of ingredients and numbered lists for directions.

Why Document Formatting is Important: Lists

Fourth in our series about the importance of properly formatted documents and best practices. Learn why lists are an extremely effective format to increase readability of any document.

Man with beard smiles while working at a computer in an office. There is a desk lamp and a plant on the desk, and he is next to a large window.

Why Outsource Technical Writing?

No technical writers on staff, or none that have time for new projects? No worried! Outsourcing your technical writing projects may be the best decision you’ve ever made! Read to learn why.

Brown-haired man wearing black t-shirt stands in front of a green chalkboard. He’s pointing at what’s written there in white: “55% of today’s teachers think about quitting.”

Educators are Becoming Instructional Designers. Why and How?

According to the National Education Association in 2022, nearly 55% of educators were considering leaving the profession early. As teachers are leaving the profession, many of them are discovering how their skills as an educator translate efficiently into the world of instructional design.

Popular stock photo company

We created eLearns and virtual instructor led training for a popular stock photo company, reducing their costs by 25%! Learn how!

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