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Brown-haired man wearing black t-shirt stands in front of a green chalkboard. He’s pointing at what’s written there in white: “55% of today’s teachers think about quitting.”

Educators are Becoming Instructional Designers. Why and How?

According to the National Education Association in 2022, nearly 55% of educators were considering leaving the profession early. As teachers are leaving the profession, many of them are discovering how their skills as an educator translate efficiently into the world of instructional design.

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Case Study: Software Development Challenges Produce user guides, knowledge articles, eLearning modules, and update evergreen articles without using too much employee time Need writers who

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Case Study: Utilities Challenges Require updated safety training Need better results from safety training Require major update of outdated OSHA safety manual Require user-friendly mobile

How To Stay Sane As An SME

Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) are often staff members or contractors who need to balance priorities wisely. They are often highly paid and highly stressed, so we are sharing tips to help SMEs maintain their sanity.

Why Document Formatting is Important

Readers decide quickly – in a few seconds – if they will look at your crafted document. Good writing is not the only trait of excellent manuals and policies, document formatting is critical. Learn how to format your work in a way that immediately piques your audience’s interest.

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