Case Study: telecommunications


  • See a large number of staff retiring, need to quickly bring new workforce up to speed
  • Need overhaul of knowledge base systems
  • Require better training for representatives in the field


  • Updated SOPs for business reps taking calls from staff in the field asking for help with specific processes
  • Organized document library in SalesForce and trained staff how to use the software
  • Converted some instructor-led training into eLearning that can be viewed on a computer or mobile device


  • New hires can be productive at a faster rate than before, saving money on training time
  • Leadership team confident that they will retain knowledge after much of current staff retires
  • Trainees in the field can refer to documents easily on their mobile devices

Major cable and internet provider

Project Type: Instructional Design Technical Writing

We were worried about losing a lot of institutional knowledge with so many of our experts retiring. MATC heard our concerns and created excellent training and helped us organize our documents so that our team is well-trained and also knows where to find more information.

— Director of Training


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