Case Study: Biotechnology


  • Produce custom documentation for each product as they are created; large list of documents need to be created in a short time
  • Need ability to write documentation on a cyclical schedule; hiring full-time in-house writers not the answer
  • Require writers with a scientific background
  • Need writers who know how to write validation protocols


  • Embed IDT writers into client’s team; learn how they operate and write
  • Use our “on-demand” system of providing writers as needed, allowing client to avoid cost for their own full-time writers
  • Created team of writers who understand site acceptance testing and software validation processes


  • Reduce costs by hiring IDT writers and designers for specific projects; needs are completely dependent on the client’s timeline
  • Work with IDT team who understand how to write for biotech documentation
  • Reduce stress by knowing IDT team is knowledgeable about their products and protocols

A global leader in medical lab equipment manufacturing

Industry: Biotechnology

Project Type:
Technical Writing Installation Qualification (IQ), Operational Qualification (OQ), and Performance Qualification (PQ) validations; Site Acceptance Testing (SAT)

  • Decreased costs by 25% using IDT’s team to create documen-tation so in-house employees could continue their normal work

“The ability of IDT’s writers to immediately understand our language was crucial to meeting our deadlines. They already had the scientific back-ground so little training was involved.”

Director of HR

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