Elevate Sales Excellence with Microlearning: 7 Best Practices

This is the third post in our series about microlearning.

Your sales team is working harder than ever. With so many methods of contacting potential clients (email, text, social media) and tight competition, making a sale can be extremely daunting, especially for new hires. You want them to know their stuff, but you don’t want them to be in training mode too long because you need them to start bringing in customers and revenue. It’s a conundrum, but there is an answer: microlearning!

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Benefits of microlearning for sales

First, let’s go over the benefits of creating and using a microlearning program for your sales team.

  1. Best use of time. Your sales team is already extremely busy, so flexible training is important. Use shorter modules that incorporate FAQs and infographics that are easily accessible when information is needed quickly.
  2. Easier retention. Short training modules allow for easier learning and information retention. Microlearning is particularly handy for upskilling when information is presented in the form of games and simulations, which are easier to understand and retain compared to long videos and documentation.
  3. Easy tracking. Microlearning makes tracking an employee’s use of training content simple. If a worker is having problems with the content, use data analytics to find what part of the training is not working for them.1

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Microlearning for sales best practices

When implementing microlearning for sales training, the following recommendations can enhance the effectiveness of your program.

1. Determine specific learning objectives

Clearly define your sales team’s learning goals for each module, and ensure content is aligned with the skills and knowledge essential for your team to be successful. Measure impact on sales performance. How has your microlearning program impacted your sales team’s KPIs? Connecting learning outcomes to tangible sales effectiveness and efficiency improvements helps you understand what training is working and where you may need to make changes.

2. Keep content short and focused

Microlearning is about short and specific bursts of learning. Break complex topics into mini-sessions that are five to ten minutes long. A typical office worker averages 11 minutes of work between interruptions. Trainings that last longer than 11 minutes have a smaller chance of effectiveness than shorter microlearning modules.2 

3. Improve engagement with multi-media

Not everyone learns information the same way, so including a variety of elements – videos, infographics, interactive simulations – is ideal for teaching to different preferences. Use case studies and real-world scenarios. Encourage learners to apply what they learn immediately after a training session by mirroring situations they may experience on the job. This will help reinforce what they learned.

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4. Create mobile-friendly modules

Organizations using mobile learning solutions see a 16 percent boost in “productivity and improvements in the creativity and loyalty of their employees.”3 Your training must be designed for both desktop and laptop computers as well as mobile devices to ensure your team can access it wherever and whenever possible.

5. Include interactive assessments and data analytics

Ensuring your team is grasping the concepts in your training is imperative to maintaining consistent sales revenue. Include interactive assessments and quizzes to gauge how well they understand the information. These assessments also offer instant feedback that reinforces correct answers and counters misunderstandings. 

6. Personalize learning paths

You can tailor microlearning based on an individual’s skills, performance, and preferences. Adaptive learning algorithms allow for adjustments based on user progress. Data analytics tools help track learner progress and performance. Use this information to continually refine and improve your microlearning content.

7. Regularly update content and ongoing support

Trainees gain a deeper understanding of their sales training through FAQs and/or mentorships. Establish a support system to address questions or concerns that may arise during the learning process. Encourage collaboration and discussion among the team by incorporating discussion forums and chat groups. Microlearning is not meant to be created and left alone. Instead, it should be updated as changes in product, market dynamics, and sales strategies emerge. Encourage feedback from learners to identify areas for improvement. Promote ongoing learning by emphasizing the importance of staying current on industry trends and product knowledge.


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Final Thoughts

Your sales team needs every advantage possible to cut through noise and roadblocks to reach decision-makers and convince them that your product is the one they need. By incorporating these best practices, you can maximize the effectiveness of microlearning in sales training, leading to improved knowledge retention, increased engagement, and improved sales performance.

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