Case Study: Utilities — Data Management


  • Need to update user guides for software getting major upgrades
  • Current staff do not have enough time in their busy schedules for extra work
  • Require writers who can quickly learn client’s processes and are familiar with agile project management


  • Create team of 4 IDT id who know how to work in an agile environment
  • Embed team into client’s staff, attending scrum meetings while learning client software
  • Task writers with creating user guides and release notes while updates are in development


  • Reduce costs by hiring experienced team of writers who cut total project time by over a year.
  • Work with IDT team who are comfortable working in an agile environment
  • Partner with ids who quickly learn client’s processes and software

Well-respected global data management company

Industry: Data Management

Project Type:
Instructional Design

    • Decreased projected produc-tion time by 14 months! Original proction schedule was 24 months, actual finalization date was after 10 months of work.


  • Reduced customer service calls by 15% after converting instructor-led training to eLearn-ing modules, helping to increase client knowledge rentention.

“IDT’s pricing was incredibly eco-nomical, especially when you consider they helped us cut our project time from two years to 10 months.”

Director of Training and Development