Case Study: insurance


  • Need user policies and procedures for different types of insurance client sells
  • Need updated training for team and clients
  • Request a plan to modernize training while saving time and money
  • Require excellent project management to meet tight deadline


  • Work with client’s leadership team to create a customized plan combining instructional design with technical writing
  • Organize team that specializes in writing and training materials for insurance and financial industries
  • Create self-led and shorter interactive training modules to replace instructor-led training


  • Save time and money by hiring fewer instructors and using shorter but effective training modules
  • Work with a team that has a significant background in the insurance and finance world
  • Partner with a project manager who consistently delivers high-quality deliverables on or before deadline

Respected and specialized insurance company

Project Type: Instructional Design Technical Writing

“MATC’s project manager was great at keeping projects on-task and on-budget. She kept the project moving.”

— Chief People Officer


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