Case Study: finance


  • Using old instructor-led video training modules
  • Need updated eLearning modules to onboard client’s customers and educate them on financial topics
  • Require writers with a background in finance


  • Work with client leadership team to create a customized plan to fit their needs
  • Choose instructional designers and technical writers with experience in finance and investments
  • Partner with our own financial experts and client team to create best modules for their customers


  • Save money by only hiring MATC designers and writers needed for specific projects; needs are completely dependent on the client’s timeline
  • Work with MATC designers and writers who have a background in finance and immediately know what the client needed when they combined two companies into one
  • Allow client team to do what they do best while we work the project

Large well-respected financial and investment firm

Project Type: Instructional Design Technical Writing

“MATC quickly repurposed our existing content into self-paced eLearning modules, creating standardized training for our team and customers.”

— Director of Retirement and Investment Services


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