Science and Medical Writing Practice

Medical Writing

  • Is content aimed at specific medical and clinical audiences supporting regulatory and approval processes in the emerging drug market.
  • A medical writer can be a science writer 

Science Writing

  • Looks at science, medicine and technology in the context of a broader audience made from passionate, interested readers.
  • This is different from Scientific writing where scientists write for other scientists
  • A science writer might not have the skills to be a medical writer

We Get the Difference

At MATC we have a specialist team dedicated to Science and Medical writing who understand the two are very different.

Whether you’re looking to support a drug through the approval process which takes one type of writer or you need a piece on a technical process breakthrough we have the skills in-house to craft your content for the appropriate audience.

Medical Writing :

  • Clinical Trial Protocols
  • Clinical Trial Study reports and data collection
  • Safety for patient information
  • Documents which adhere to standards and set formats
  • Documents associated with regulatory tasks
  • Documents prepared for international medical audiences
  • SAE reports

Science Writing :

  • Popular science books and pamphlets
  • Blogs and podcasts
  • You don’t have the time to interview people
  • Scripts
  • Slideshows and lecture scripts
  • Brochures
  • Slideshows and lecture scripts
  • Web

How We Can Help

The right skills

Our medical writers come to the team with an understanding of therapeutic areas as well as understanding the drug development process and associated regulatory guidelines. MATC created a team of talented individuals with a history of delivering fit-for-purpose documents in time and with a realistic budget.

The right process

we have developed a creative process over time which helps us minimize the gap between concept and document. Our quality assurance process ensures that the first draft you receive is a high-quality document which requires only refinement and perhaps nuancing, though we can help with that too.

The right price

our pricing approach is based on common sense. You could do this in-house; it should not cost more to get it done externally.

Graphic: Skills + Process+Price = Quality Medical and Science content