Needs Analysis: Knowledge Management

Knowledge management is the process of creating, formatting, sharing, using and archiving information of an organization

All organizations need a cohesive document system to do their work and manage their internal knowledge.

MATC will work with you to develop strategies to articulate, manage and archive your knowledge base and preserve institutional memory so you do not have to depend on individual employees to maintain knowledge.

And, we are committed to working with you to improve sales, productivity, organization, company culture, and employee relations through enhancing the knowledge management that connects them all.

Not sure what you need?

MATC will provide a Needs Analysis based upon your structure, available technology, business goals and company needs.

What our customers say about us

  • “The new procedure MATC helped us to develop resulted in a 20 percent operational cost reduction.”
  • “When a project hits a road block, you always offer potential solutions to get us through.”
  • “Wow. Things are really moving along. You finished that project quickly!”

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